yayasan interkultur foundation


Dear friends,

 We need your donation for our activities  3E as you know : 

E1: Emergency,  
         hospital, nutition, healthfood - drinking water
         healthy, soap, toothpaste 
E2: Education, 
         studyclub supplies, drawing, singing, math, and environmental concern
E3: Empowerment
        credit union, youth training, family opportunities n possibilities
You donation will be very helpfull
please send your donation one-time and/or monthly to;
Ronny Poluan, Yayasan Interkultur Paypal; interkulturjkt@gmail.com
Your names will appear in our site unless you prefer other  and\or we will noted with 
nnxx [:namenumbercode]
Evaluation and progress will appear in our site

Thank you, best regards, ronny  poluan



antarbudaya, interkultur
intercultural, inter-cultural, between cultures,  among cultures;

Media, Art & Culture

Environment & Technology



The Meetingpoint

1st Meeting-point
Jakarta Batavia Oldtown


2nd Meeting-point
South and/or East Entrance
Jakarta Plaza Indonesia

Train commuter line

Local Transport : Bus P02


Bajaj the magnificent

Grand Mosque Istiqlal

Cathedral Batavia

Republic of Indonesia friendly majority

friendship in this planet

together interculture


Plaza Indonesia