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Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. It has population of approximately 12 million people of Indonesian 210 million peoples. Incomes range from the very wealthy to the very poor. It is located in West Java on the coast of the Java Sea and is close to other major cities throughout the archipelago and neighbouring nations such as Singapore, Darwin (Australia), Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok.

Republic of Indonesia

Nearest neighbour country of Indian Ocean and Pacific Rim
people of Indonesian 210 million peoples
Close to Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Phillipines, Thailand, Cambodia, Brunei, Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea, and New Zealand

is a network of arts and cultural workers from throughout Indonesia that established as an NGO under Indonesian law. Interkultur’s aims are to support and promote Indonesian artists working in the areas of film, performance and the visual arts. Also in a wider awareness and concern of social humanity, media and environmental, local and international issues. Its motivating philosophy is one of inclusion, critical discussion and democratic principles. It seeks not only to be an active voice for practicing artists in Indonesian culture life but also to promote traditional and contemporary Indonesian arts to the world, as well as to host the social-humanity-media-environmental seminar and discussion and its implementation to the people, country, and universal humanity.

Anggota / Members
The organization as arts-based NGO is in an emergent state and currently all staff are volunteers. Accordingly, the organization is not in position to assist the volunteer financially. However, all efforts will be made within the organization extensive network of stakeholders to ensure that the volunteer is supported in-kind at every opportunity. The volunteer will be treated like family


Shamsudin bin Ahmad (Singapore)
Ivar Schou (Norway) & Gateway College (Norway)
VIDA (Volunteer International Development Australia)
Joanne & Grha Regina (Indonesia)
Michael Hess (Australia)