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Dear friends,

 We need your donation one-time and/or monthly  for our socio-cultural activities  
Yayasan Interkultur Paypal; interkulturjkt@gmail.com

Our life here since Covid-19 has been very difficult because  our main activity 
Jakarta Hidden Tour  have no visitors. We live today based on donations alone from those who are willing to help us
Jakarta have what we called limit lockdown restrictions. But mall closed 8pm. Public transportation 50% capacity. It is very hard for indonesian for social distances. It is really hard, especially for me 
 we have no visitors. it means no job and no income at all and we have no social security our life  depends on donation. 
I still feel lucky that have many friends like you  that can help First, 
we really need a donation. If possible, please donate to us at our 
on our bank account. Second,
 I was thinking about work we could do, even though I was confused and didn't know what we could do. Because so far, for so many years, we has only organized tours Please don't get bored if I ask for more donations or fund-raising in the business we are going to do. I do not know the possibility that you will tell our situation to your friends, maybe they can help and find a solution. Sending message like this  really helps me relieve the stress of life . . 

Please email me : 

Hopefully in the future after vaccination, the situation will open up hope for the better. Let me know more about you . . .  How is your life?
sorry for my poor English

 Lovely greetings ronny poluan


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